Prueba tu nivel de inglés

El test consta de 30 preguntas. Selecciona una respuesta para cada pregunta y pulsa "finalizar" para ver el resultado.

  1. Where are you from? ___________.
    I am from Spanish I am from Spain I am Spain I do Spanish
  2. Call me when ___________.
    Arthur arrives Arthur arrive Arthur will arrive Arthur arrived
  3. ___________ wonderful dress!
    What a Where How What
  4. I´m looking ___________ my wallet! I can´t find it!
    to although even for
  5. What do you do in your free time? ___________.
    I do football I love football I play football Me play football
  6. What are you going to do during the weekend? ___________
    I going to go out I will go out I go out I am going to go out
  7. I ___________ a lot during the last few months.
    have being working have been working have working been work
  8. She was ___________ happy to be worried about anything.
    too although so to
  9. Marcus never listens ___________ me.
    for so too to
  10. You are old ___________ to understand the situation.
    well enough far to
  11. How often do you see your friends? ___________.
    Once a week One time a week Once a weak Once times
  12. ___________! You are making noise all the time!
    Shut off Be quiet Noisy Shut quiet
  13. ___________ She is young and intelligent.
    How is your teacher like? What is your teacher? What is your teacher like? Which is your teacher like?
  14. Nowadays, the internet ___________ the most important tools for everybody.
    between under often among
  15. I look forward to ___________ you!
    see seen seeing saw
  16. ___________ I carry your bag for you?
    Shall Should Maybe Have to
  17. I'd love to be ___________ to a film star.
    introduce introducing present introduced
  18. You ___________ she looks weird with that costume. She was very sad.
    shouldn´t have said should have said should say should have spoken
  19. She said she was feeling ___________ and needed to sit down.
    dirty wobbly excited laid-back
  20. I ___________ smoke a lot but I don't smoke anymore.
    use to used to done using to
  21. If we ___________, we wouldn't be hungry.
    have eaten have ate had ate had eaten
  22. I wish I ___________ taller.
    would be am were are
  23. ___________ computers have changed our lives.
    - The Some A
  24. He is extremely ___________ on his children.
    tough heartbroken homeless lifelong
  25. We visited the pyramids at ___________.
    sunshine sunrise bonfire sun
  26. It would be nice to see you ___________ once in a while.
    in the meat in the flesh blown away in charge
  27. ___________ lunch, we set off.
    Have finished Having finished Have finishing After finished
  28. ___________ it was getting late, we decided it was time to leave.
    As For To Although
  29. ___________ a lack of funds, the project will be discontinued next year.
    Because However Owing Owing to
  30. Help! I have reached a ___________ in life. What should I do next?
    frog crossroads system metaphor